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What's a good macronutrient ratio for cutting

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I've been training just under a year year and I'm pretty pleased with my progress so far. However, I have also added a bit fat which I'd now like to lose.

My current macronutitent ratio for adding muscle is 45-30-25% (protein, carbs, fat)

What's a good macronutitent ratio to use for cutting?
asked Aug 8, 2012 in Fat Loss by Noah86 Gym Regular (955 points)  
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edited Aug 15, 2012 by RobConnor

2 Answers

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Many variables are in play here; your current bodyweight, your bodyfat percentage, what is your target at the end of the cut, how do you respond to carbohydrates...


But usually in a cut, people tend to reduce carbohydrates and elevate the protein content, since protein is more filling than carbs or fat, so it tames the hunger during a cut.


45% of protein is a little too much, mostly cutters can do well with a 30% protein, 40%carbs and 30% fat. now surely you can adjust +5% or -5% on a certain macronutrient I(carbohydrates mostly) but these are 30/40/30 (P/C/F) is usually optimal since:


  • You are getting enough protein to minimize muscle wasting during a cut
  • You are keeping a steady amount of carbohydrates that keeps your energy fueled for the heavy workouts
  • A balanced amount of fats that are needed for hormonal synthesis and other physiological needs.
answered Nov 29, 2012 by georgef Iron Addict (1,395 points)  
edited Dec 6, 2012 by RobConnor
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For cutting, I would recommend 40 - 40 - 20 % or even 40 - 45 - 15%. It might look odd to go so low on the fat but if you stick to a really low fat routine, you can achieve a good calorie cut without staying hungry or compromising on the energy required for your daily training.

Carbohydrates are not a big worry if you consume them in the right amount. By amount I mean no. of grams per day, divided properly into the number of meals you take, with special attention to your pre- and post- workout meals. 15% - 20% of quality fats are enough to maintain a healthy hormone release and to sustain other bodily functions that require fat. Don't go any lower than this!

People cutting too much carbs compromise on their energy levels for training. For this reason they report feelings of lethargy and listlessness since they are not getting adequate amounts of glycogen replenishment to keep them going. Also, the macronutrient ratio is as important as the portion sizing itself. For that, you should accurately identify how many calories you need per day, for maintenance, and go around 10 - 15% under that caloric value. This will trigger the much needed fat loss for your cutting phase.
answered Dec 5, 2012 by gohrkhan Gym Regular (710 points)  
edited Dec 6, 2012 by RobConnor
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