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What's the best back exercise for adding size? [poll]

+2 votes

Ok, here's the first poll question for you as I was keen to see how they looked and how if you all would bother to vote, or not.

So my question is.........

What's the best back exercise for adding size?

Bit of a general question I know (everyone is different ....) but give your honest answer, plus you can vote on more than one choice.

Pull Ups (5 votes)
Chin Ups (2 votes)
Dumbell Row (0 votes)
Barbell row (0 votes)
Lat Pull Down (1 vote)
T-Bar Row (0 votes)
asked Aug 28, 2012 in Exercises by RobConnor Iron Lifting God (4,930 points)  
0% Accept Rate

edited Aug 31, 2012 by RobConnor
should add in deadlifts don't you think?

I wouldn't class the deadlift as a back exercise (I know many do). IMO, it primarily works the legs, hips, biceps and traps muscles in that order. Pretty much the entire body does get involved to some degree, including the back muscles, but not to the same degree.

2 Answers

0 votes
I chose Pull-ups, but weighted pull-ups is where it's at, since it is by far the best exercise for size. Now i agree that deadlifts is the one that add more thickness to your overall body so it should be on the list.

Pull-ups range of motion is very beneficial for lat and upper back growth and the added weight creats enough resistance to make it a complete exercise.
answered Nov 29, 2012 by georgef Iron Addict (1,395 points)  
0 votes
Deadlifts shoud definitely be in the list of back exercises. It's mother of all compound movement exercises. I wonder if there's any muscle group it doesn't target!
answered Dec 5, 2012 by gohrkhan Gym Regular (710 points)  
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