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How straight should my arm be doing tricep kickbacks?

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When doing the tricep kickbacks, I can’t completely straighten my arm at the top part of the movement. Is this necessary?, will going about 90-95% of the way be just as effective or is the lockout all important.
asked Dec 3, 2012 in Exercises by AndyT Rookie (50 points)  
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2 Answers

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Unless you’re a professional bodybuilder I’d really recommend you don’t bother with tricep kickbacks. They’re not going to add any mass and if you’re looking for ‘definition’ then the best way to achieve this is to lose fat and add muscle mass.

Accessory exercises like tricep kickbacks are used by the pros who have gained all the muscle mass they need and aesthetic perfection and symmetry is everything.

Stick with exercises like skull crushers & dips for adding muscle and shed some fat if you want definition.
answered Dec 3, 2012 by RobConnor Iron Lifting God (4,930 points)  
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They should be pretty straight. The less you are sticking with this range of motion the more you are isolating the triceps.
So in other words, the more your arm strays away from you, the more auxilliary muscles come into play to perform the kickback and not the tricep.

Let me add that Triceps kickback are an isolation exercise, and better stick to compound exercises for better growth in the tricep such as Skull crushers or my favorite Close Grip Bench Press. If you want a better iso exercise, try cable pushdown.
answered Dec 4, 2012 by anonymous  
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