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How much muscle can I expect to build?

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Assuming I'm doing everythign right, how much muscle can I expect to build in a month? I'm 23 years old and train 3 times per week and started training 3 years ago. I looking to really put some effort in over the next year or two so would like to know what I can expect.
asked Dec 4, 2012 in General by Ivan Rookie (130 points)  
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3 Answers

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The age old question of bodybuilding lives!

To keep it concise and factual, the amount of muscle mass (Lean Mass) you can pack on depends on the following factors:

- Genetics: What does your genetic code say? Are you of those folks who get 'big' really fast or one of those who can eat everything but still stay very lean (Ectomorph, Mesomorph or Endomorph). Which one are you?

- Quality of your training. The word 'quality' covers how intelligently you train. It doesn't necessarily mean how 'hard' you train. Quality of training means effective training to achieve most hyper trophy. How good your schedules are? How good your technique is? How much rest you go for? How hard you train?

- Nutrition: Probably the most important aspect. You are what you eat! It's simple as that. Nutrition plays an important role in adding muscle mass.

- Use of supplements: Not a necessity but many research studies indicate an improvement in muscle hypertrophy if supplements such as Creatine, Whey Protein etc (Let's not go beyond that!) are used.

- You current body composition. This is a very important factor. If you're already, for say, 5' 8" and packing on 85 Kg @ 8 % body fat, chances are that your body will be resilient to any more addition of lean mass. The converse will be true if you're 5' 8" weighing around 75 Kg @ 18% body fat.

Keeping all of this in perspective (and other things that I may have missed!) and various research studies; you can gain around 2 lb of lean mass in a month while staying healthy and on a natural diet and provided that you already have some experience in weight training. I hope this helps your question!
answered Dec 5, 2012 by gohrkhan Gym Regular (710 points)  
selected May 7, 2014 by RobConnor
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Building muscle requires many variables to be  activated, and these get harder with advanced lifters.

1) Your training should be intense enough to induce enough stress on your muscle for it to rebuild itself bigger.

2) Your diet must be sufficient to support your growth. Remember when you've already added muscle mass to your frame, you current maintenance caloric needs are increased, so you need to push beyond them.

3) Genetics, believe it or not plays a crucial role in determing the amount of lean mass that your body can grow (naturallt)

4)Rest and recovery, forgotten most of the time by bodybuilders, are pillars to your overall growth, without them it is difficult to see results or even push your maximum at the gym.
answered Dec 5, 2012 by georgef Iron Addict (1,395 points)  
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Train hard and find out. The above anwsers are great but I think people need to stop asking questions like this as if looking for a limit. If you constantly  guess what your limit is you will be right everytime.   A month is not a fair trial for muscle gains ,but if you find a way to enjoy it and stay at it for years whos to say you can not build a physique like Leroy Colbert, Chuck Sipes, Bill Pearl,  Chet Yorton, Marvin Eder  or Harold Poole.  All naturals who just trained hard.

answered Jan 10, 2013 by BradKellyCPT Iron Lifting God (3,295 points)  
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