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Home training with no weights?

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I’m going to be working from home for the next 3-4 months and I also want to use this time to start trying to get myself into shape a little. I don’t want to join a gym, mostly because the nearest is a bit of a drive. I don’t have the space to buy a set of weights so is it possible to do some at home ‘weight’ training without any weights?
asked Dec 11, 2012 in Training Program by Phil Rookie (50 points)  
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2 Answers

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Bodyweight exercises are fun and challenging, if the person gets creative while doing them.

Get a pull-up bar or station for your home if you can, they are really the best bodyweight exercise you could do.

Weighted pushups, inclined pushups are also beneficial since they provide stimulation fot the pecs.

Squats are another good one. Remember you need to add some sort of challenge after a while or else you're simply not training your muscles enough.

I wanted to share a good video i've seen , it might give you some ideas:

answered Dec 11, 2012 by georgef Iron Addict (1,395 points)  
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Yes! You can certainly do a weight training workout at home using old school methods using all safety measure to avoid injury. These exercises can be done using things around the house creating weight dumb bells, these can work great for maintenance increase mass, strength, and condition.Also adding your cardio workouts will help .

Get a few things you can use anytime even when you have started back in the gym to help with maintenance. You will also be able workout with these things while you are travelling away for work or vacation. These are Medicine ball, Bosu /Stability Ball, Resistance Bands, and Chin up Bar.

Exercise i.e. 

Plyometrics Training

Chest(Pecs)/Back(Lats)/Shoulders(Delts)/Arms(Bi/Tri):  Chin ups/Pull ups

varying grips and width of grips you can target several muscle groups doing various exercises. 

Push Ups – Incline, Decline, Single, Wide, Narrow and Military hands

Chair dips

Legs(Hams/Glutes/Quads): Squats, Lunges, Step ups, Single Leg Dead lifts , Jump Squats

You can do Resistance, Body weight and interval training using either type of training if you choose or do use a variation of sets and reps; either by super setting, descending or pyramid sets.


answered Dec 14, 2012 by Gym Crazed Gym Novice (290 points)  
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