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Does a massage help with the recovery process after a gym session?

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A gym buddy of mine has a weekly sports massage and he swears it helps his muscle recover from the gym and that he rarely has DOMS. A massage session ain't cheap but I am considering it cos I'm always sore.

So does anyone know of evidence that supports my buddy's claim?

asked Aug 20, 2012 in Training Program by Larry74 Gym Regular (895 points)  
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edited Nov 5, 2012 by RobConnor

2 Answers

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Excellent question! There are many fitness experts who say that massages benefit muscle growth, VIA relaxing the muscles and allowing them to grow. However, the cross friction massage has been widely known to prevent injury and is actually recommended to Navy SEALs in The Complete Guide to Navy SEAL Fitness, which has more doctors and fitness experts than I am capable of remembering.

answered Sep 24, 2012 by JustinWeeks Gym Novice (440 points)  
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Yes! It will help with the recovery process of DOMS as researched by ACSM shows massages, reflexology, accupressure activities such as these aids in the recovery and pain from DOMS. It is very much unlikely that you will avoid soreness all together when beginning a new program or even after and intense training session.This helps as DOMS are actually your muscles reparing themselves, and massages will aid in the increased circulation, increase blood flow and oxygen to your muscles which helps muscles ability to relax allowing he blood to bring the required nutrients to the muscles to help the tissues rebuild and grow.

Remember DOMS usually last between 3-5 days with the involved muscles, however over time muscles will be better prepared for the same stress and adapt easier than intial process.


answered Jan 2, 2013 by Gym Crazed Gym Novice (290 points)  
edited Jan 13, 2013 by Gym Crazed
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