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MuscleQA.com is a free, community driven Q&A site for bodybuilders and anyone else who enjoys the pleasure and pain of lifting iron. I know the internet is currently flooded with bodybuilding forums but read on and see why this site is different to most.

It's a forum, but not as you know it

This site is similar to a standard forum you may be used to such as Bodybuilding.com but things work a little differently round here. Specifically, we are a Q&A driven site as opposed to a discussion driven site. Q&A sites are hot stuff right now and are an evolutionary step on from traditional (but still very popular) forum sites. You may have already used a Q&A site such as Yahoo Ansers and so know just how useful they are.

Similar to a standard forum, on a Q&A site you can make a post asking a question. Your question should be specific and addressing a particular problem that you’re facing. Others can then reply to your question with their considered answers and you get to accept which you think is the best answer.

Minewhile, other users can vote on your question as well as the subsequent answers as being worthwhile or a waste of time (harsh I know but that’s what keeps Q&A high quality content).

This is an exceptionally simply and yet fantastic concept which results in user questions and answers being effectively peer reviewed by other site members – brilliant.

So, unlike a traditional forum, you don’t need to trawl through the numerous replies of a thread that interests you, looking for what appears to be the ‘best’ response. In a Q&A site, the ‘best’ answers will (usually) be the ones with the most votes. Plus, the answers are ordered by vote count, descending, making it very easy for you to see the user voted best answers.

It's all about the points....

The other main feature that separates traditional forums and Q&A sites is reputation.

Reputation is a numerical score that represents your standing within the site community. Reputation points are earned (or lost) for various actions that you, or others take. Basically, the more good questions and answers you post, the more votes you’ll receive and so the higher your reputation score. You can see a fully list of how points are earned in the FAQ.

Registration is free and quick although you don’t need to register to use this site. You can happily post questions, answers questions made by others and makes comments. You can’t however vote (up or down) on other’s post nor will you earn any reputation points for your brilliant and appreciated input.

All the best
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