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  • Exercises - 33 questions - Questions about how to perform a certain exercise or the appropriate exercise choice for a particular muscle\group and goal. Examples: What's the best exercises for adding peak to my biceps? What's the best rep range for building size?
  • Training Program - 34 questions - 3 day 2 way split, full body, push-pull training, questions about selecting a suitable training program to acheive your goals. Examples: Should I train a muscle group once or twice a week? Is training 5 times per week too much?
  • Diet & Nutrition - 23 questions - What to eat, what not to eat how much to eat and when to eat it. Ask your questions about what you should and shouldn't be eating for building mass, adding strength or losing fat. Examples: What's a good macronutrient ratio for building muscle? Which has the most effect, a pre or post workout shake?
  • Fat Loss - 13 questions - Looking to shift a few pounds? Ask your fat loss focused training & diet questions. Examples: When's the best time to do cardio for fat loss? How much should I reduce my daily calories by to lose fat gradually?
  • Strength & Power - 7 questions - Looking to build some serious strength & power? Questions about what training programs exercises & diet to follow for building strength & power. Examples: What's the evidence that rack lockouts actually build strength? Should I use single rep deadlifts & squats?
  • General - 11 questions - Ask anything about bodybuilding that doesn't fall into any other category.
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