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Frequently Asked Questions

The following is basic information about our site. Please read this before posting questions or answers if you are unfamiliar with how a question & answer site works. Click on any question to show or hide the answer.
  • What kinds of questions can I ask here?
  • Pretty much anything about building muscle/strength and losing fat or anything related to bodybuilding/strength training.

    Typical question areas include ....

    • Performance of a particular exercise
    • Nutrition advice to achieve certain goal (cutting, bulking etc)
    • Exercise selection/advice
    • Training program selection/advice

    Provide as much relevant information as you can and be specific in what you're asking.

    Remember, this is a questions & answers site, not a forum. It's not the place for open ended discussions, it's a site where you can ask practicable, answerable questions based on problem you're actually facing and you should receive a helpful answer.

    Before you ask, please make sure to search for a similar question. You can search for questions by their title or tags.

  • What kinds of questions should be avoided?
  • Anything that's nothing to do with building muscle\strength or losing fat.
  • What should I avoid in my answers?
  • Muscle Q&A is a question and answer site - it is not a forum. This is not the place for discussions or heated debates, stick to other forum sites if you wanna chat about something.

    For brief discussion, or to ask for clarification, or to thank someone for their answer, please post comments, not answers.
  • Do I have to register to use this site?
  • You don’t have to register but you’ll get much more out of this site if you do.

    You can ask and answers questions and ad comments anonymously but your entry will be subject to moderation. Only registered users can vote and receive points & badges.

    Registration is quick & simply and requires only your name, email and a password.
  • Who moderates this community?
  • The short answer is: you. This website is moderated by the users. Points system allows users to earn rights to perform a variety of moderation tasks including editing the questions and answers of others (to improve the quality).

    If you don’t feel comfortable about the idea of having your posts edited by others then this site is not for you.
  • How does point system work?
  • When a question or answer is voted up, the user who posted it will gain points. These points serve as a rough measure of the community trust in that person. Various moderation privileges are gradually assigned to the users based on those points.

    For example, if you ask an interesting question or useful answer, it will likely be voted up. On the other hand if the question is poorly-worded or the answer is misleading - it will likely be voted down. Each up vote on a question will generate 10 points, whereas each vote against will subtract 10 points.

    The following table lists points gained per activity:

    Posting a question: + 40 points
    Selecting an answer for your question: + 30 points
    Per up vote on your question: + 10 points
    Per down vote on your question: - 10 points
    Limit from up votes on each question: + 10 points
    Limit from down votes on each question: 30 points
    Posting an answer: + 40 points
    Having your answer selected as the best: + 50 points
    Per up vote on your answer: + 20 points
    Per down vote on your answer: - 20 points
    Limit from up votes on each answer: + 200 points
    Limit from down votes on each answer: 50 points
    Voting up a question: + 5 points
    Voting down a question: + 5 points
    Voting up an answer: + 5 points

    The following table lists point requirements for each type of moderation task.

    Voting on answers 100 points
    Voting on questions 200 points
    Voting posts down 300 points
  • Site etiquette
  • The rules on etiquette on this site are very simple – be nice, be honest and speak to others as you expect others to speak to you.

    Be warned – repeat offenders will be kicked off this site. Sure you can rejoin under a new email but you’ll lose all your hard earned rep and will end up booted off again if you break the rules.

    Don’t be jumping down the throat of others if it seems they don’t know as much as you – be tolerant. Everyone on this site is here to learn and teach.

    If you see poor or misguiding information, vote it down. Add comments indicating what, specifically, is wrong. Provide better answers of your own. It's your input that helps keep this site free from poor quality content.
  • How to change my picture (gravatar), and what is gravatar?
  • The picture that appears in user profiles is called a gravatar, which means globally recognized avatar.

    Here is how it works: You upload your picture (or your favorite alter ego image) to the website gravatar.com from where we later retrieve your image using a cryptographic key based on your email address.

    This way all the websites you trust can show your image next to your posts and your email address remains private.

    Please personalize your account with an image - just register at gravatar.com (just please be sure to use the same email address that you used to register with us). The default gray image is generated automatically.
  • Still have questions?
  • You can ask your questions about how this site work on the meta site. Your same user credentials will work on that site but your reputation points are separate.

    If there is anything lacking, please use the feedback form.
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